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Chinese Studies
I learned a lot about the Chinese myths, tales and celebrations. For example The Seven Suns, The White Snake and The Black Snake. I really like to hear legends from other cultures chinese is one of my favorites. I have also learned a lot about the celebrations that China celebrates for example Chinese New Year and The Moon Festival. I think that writing characters are a bit difficult for me especially all the strokes and witch order to do them in but I think I got the hang of it so far. After I now how to speak Chinese I might come back here again when I grow up.

I learned how to add colors to our great-ape-portrait to make tones, shades and wrinkles. It really is surprising what you can do with colors. I also know now to add more colors to make everything blend in. For example if you see my GAPE (great-ape-portrait) you could see the wrinkles and the details in the hair and the reflection in the eyes. When you look at the skin you could how many colors I added in. The challenge that I have is trying to finish my drawings in time because I have many things to add into my drawings. I soon want to impress my family with the drawings I make

I learned different songs in music. For example Down The Well. I think that thing struggling up to is the time to read the notes. But I soon catch on to the song and memorize them but I still think I should at least have more time. I think that I want to at least want to play a very very famous song on an instrument before I leave.

I learned how to cooperate with my teammates when we had to play cooperative games in P.E. For example rally races. We have to make sure to talk one at the time to avoid fights or arguments. I think that the thing I should work on is push ups and sit ups. I think that I might want to maybe go in a race or a fitness area to stay fit and healthy,

I have learned how to avoid bullies in different methods. For example using the word "so" to avoid nasty comments.
I having a hard time trying to control my temper with my brother when I learned how to let my anger out in a gentle way. I think that this will help me when I'm being bullied with no one around.

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