Devolping my learning about learning


Well my best subject is writing. But it doesn't mean that I still don't learn from it. From the last few weeks I learned that when you have a title from a magazine or a newspaper you put this '' before and after the title. I like writing because I like to write about how I feel or rewriting a moment. I also like to share with others to see their opinion. Even though this is my talent doesn't mean that I'm perfect. There are also somethings that I might not understand.

This isn't my only subject I'm good at and is my favorite, my other favorite is art. I like art because of the creativity, it never stops. I learned so far that if you make a mistake try and make the better of it.

This is my last subject that is my favorite and I'm good at. Reading because I like to read about others and like to learn new words that might be helpful for my writing. I also learn about the way that the author uses the sentences.

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